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TOP skilled security professionals over the globe are connected to support companies on GDPR A.32 Ready, Crowd Penetration-Testing, Bug Bounty and Employment. Give at minimum 300% more protection on your digital properties.



Findbug the newest actor on Ethical Hacking as a Service

Over the years we selected University and High School out of the box thinkers to identify security vulnerabilities for Government and companies based in Kosovo and Albania. This year we are hosting the 5th edition of contest to collect highly skilled professionals that will:

Protect tens of Government and Companies

Applying for the price of 'Ethical Hacker of the Year'

Different mindsets will be payed 1500$ for critical bugs.



Identify your security vulnerabilities with crowd security solutions

Have you thought why companies like Google, Microsoft, Ebay, Paypal are worldwide most secure platforms. By their own bug bounty programs call then-after reward hackers for reporting security issues on their systems. We offer user friendly bug bounty for every single company no matter size and the budget. Our highly skilled security professionals would help you go step forward. Give them a chance. More eyes for better security.

Add Your Own Programs Each program is either managed by the our team or run by company peer2peer.

Define Your Scope The scope defines what applications/services they will take submissions, pre-defined rules, scanning-time, accepted reports of vulnerabilities.

Choose Your Privacy For all of your programs you can choose to become (PRIVATE) only for invited hackers or (PUBLIC) for all hackers that are registered.

How to

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I'm Ethical Hacker

I have hacking skills and I want to put my knowledge for the seek of cyber security, earn some easy money and get promoted.

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I own a Business

Usually I'm busy with business strategies and product development. I want to be sure that no-one can damage my reputation and put me on risk.

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We have been working for Law Enforcement Agencies for a decades while helping them protect their critical infrastructure. Within our heroes we provide national cyber security shield.

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I'm Cyber Recruiter

I'm seeking for potential Cyber Security professionals interested on new job opportunities. FindBug provides statistical analysis, including recommendation and proven records to help you on selection process.

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Road Map

January 2015

Joined 50 hats

January 2016

+30 more hats

December 2016

FindBUG was established

February 2017

Research & Building model

June 2019

New release, Launch!


Making the world a safer place


How it Works


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Statistic over 24h

We published white papers on hackers behavior, how and when they started, how they improve out of box thinking skills and much more. We understand their language, and business needs too.
Their founding over three previous 8h bootcamps have been shared with numbers.
Our experienced advice:

Do not punish, reward!
Invest on Information Security
Choose Crowd Security not individuals
You decide for budget, not others
Bugs Reported
Companies Secured
Budget spend
Hackers stimulated


Frequency Asked Questions

What is Hacker Trust?

Hacker Trust is a formula invented by FindBUG to determine which Hacker is the most trustworthy and valuable based on some parameters that we take into consideration. Some of them are Sign UP CTF / Identity Verification / TDWHL / Bug Accuracy.

What is Program Strength?

Program Strength is basically a way to determine the complexity of a program based on a internal questionnaire that FindBug asks companies that want to join our platform. This questionnaire will determine which the best way to pay security researchers that want to report to your program. But also security researchers will be able to know how much complex is a specific program.

Difference between Public and Private programs?

The main difference is on hackers involved, when you go public all of our registered ethical hackers can view your program otherwise Private Programs you can decide security researchers you want to involve based on their Hacker Trust, Ranks and Skills.

What about Skill Endorsement?

Skills Endorsements a feature not seen before on bug bounties allows companies to endorse Plisa Hackers based on their technical skills. Through this companies can determine which is the most suitable for their program. Researchers will have the same ability to endorse each other. The researcher will be able to select up to 5 skills

How to Add a Program?

You can create a program through our the button “Add Program” which is linked to your account plan. You will have 5 steps that you need to complete in order to send your application to FindBUG which will be reviewed within a couple of working days.

Who are Plisa Hackers?

Plisa Hackers are regular security researchers that finds vulnerabilities and report them through FindBUG platform. We call them “Plisa” because the word “Plisa” roots from Albanian tradition which is a symbol of a white hat that was used since time of Illyrians in the Balkans. And we connect “Plisa Hackers” to “White Hat Hackers”


Endorse yourself and get acknowledged

Dear Hacker,
Based on our experience we developed user friendly bug bounty that is hacker oriented. All we need is your positive energy to support companies that trusted us.
``white HAT for white LIFE``




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