3-rd Workshop of “The Day When Hacking is Legal”

  • February 22, 2019

The International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy will bring tremendous innovation from the field of online security and privacy. On February 2 there is a rare and unique opportunity for Kosovo and the Region. “The Day When Hacking is Legal” workshop brought to Pristina the most renowned researchers of Kosovo and the World in the big challenge to find any weaknesses in your websites.

Along with world renowned experts, young Kosovars who have talent in this area have the opportunity to look closely at the work that will be done by world-renowned researchers and collaborate with them for several hours on the first day of the Conference on February 2nd. This contest this year preserves its originality but is enriched with new ideas, very interesting developments that will only be experienced by those who will be fortunate to be part of this eight hour challenge.

One of its innovations is the promotion of competition between different universities in the country, both public and private. For the first time, computer science students from some Kosovo universities compete with each other to see which of them will be the best. Selection of students has already started, and all this is being done through the workshops being held with these students. At each seminar of many students of this department who have an interest in challenging themselves in the field of security, are becoming better choices and are forming representative groups that will be part of the main competition on 2 February when “Day When Hacking is Legal ” will be held.

At this time, the organizer partner of the International Internet Safety and Security Conference “FindBug” held for the first time in Kosovo the famous XSS race, a race that many countries in the world where the information technology campaign has progressed to attract many hackers. Already this race is over and its winner is the hacker, Lucas Philippe from Spain. Even Philippe comes for the first time in Kosovo and will be part of the common challenge “The Day When Hacking is Legal”. Undoubtedly, for young Kosovars who have studied computer science and have the passion for cyber security, this is a tremendous opportunity to get to know each other and work throughout the most internationally known day.

If you want to know about using best practices for your online security, then the “When is Hacking is Legal” seminar is the most unique opportunity you’ve ever tried.

“The day when the hacking is legal” has identified over 100 security researchers today who, in addition to the experience they have developed, have also benefited from the material good and all this served as a career as a reference to their current commitments .