How to view my bugs

On platform you have button called “Programs” which will take you to a list of your available programs. At the left of your screen you will see names of your programs, if you click through the name of the program it will show some options which one of them is “Bugs”. This will show you…


What is Skills Endorsements

Skills Endorsements a feature not seen before on bug bounties allows companies to endorse Plisa Hackers based on their technical skills. Through this companies can determine which is the most suitable for their program. Researchers will have the same ability to endorse each other. The researcher will be able to select up to 5 skills…


Difference between Public and Private programs?

The main difference is on hackers involved, when you go public all of our registered ethical hackers can view your program otherwise Private Programs you can decide security researchers you want to involve based on their Hacker Trust, Ranks and Skills. Private Programs are linked to your account plan based on that you have limited…


What is Program Strength?

Program Strength is basically a way to determine the complexity of a program based on a internal questionnaire that FindBug asks companies that want to join our platform. This questionnaire will determine which the best way to pay security researchers that want to report to your program. But also security researchers will be able to…


How to Add a Program?

You can create a program through our the button “Add Program” which is linked to your account plan. You will have 5 steps that you need to complete in order to send your application to FindBUG which will be reviewed within a couple of working days. The first section is “Basic Information” about your program….


Who are Plisa Hackers?

Plisa Hackers are regular security researchers that finds vulnerabilities and report them through FindBUG platform. We call them “Plisa” because the word “Plisa” roots from Albanian tradition which is a symbol of a white hat that was used since time of Illyrians in the Balkans. And we connect “Plisa Hackers” to “White Hat Hackers”


What is Hacker Trust?

Hacker Trust is a formula invented by FindBUG to determine which Hacker is the most trustworthy and valuable based on some parameters that we take into consideration. Some of them are Sign UP CTF / Identity Verification / TDWHL / Bug Accuracy. When a researcher is registered into our platform he will take 25% out…

Findbug News

Skype flaw grants access to the photos on your Android phone without a passcode!

A design flaw in Microsoft’s Skype app can be exploited to grant access to the data on your Android phone without passcode authentication, a researcher has shown. Kosovo-based bug-hunter Florian Kunushevci demonstrates in the YouTube video below how Skype can be manipulated into accessing private data, including photos on the phone, without unlocking the handset….

Findbug News

The 4 types of cybersecurity threats and a formula to fight them

Wells Fargo’s chief information security officer Rich Baich has to be very strategic about the way he spends his budget in order to protect the bank from the endless stream of cyberattacks launched at it every day. At the 2017 Borderless Cyber event in New York City, Baich went through the formula he uses to decide his…

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3-rd Workshop of “The Day When Hacking is Legal”

The International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy will bring tremendous innovation from the field of online security and privacy. On February 2 there is a rare and unique opportunity for Kosovo and the Region. “The Day When Hacking is Legal” workshop brought to Pristina the most renowned researchers of Kosovo and the World in…