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Wiper Malware Called “Coronavirus” Spreads Among Windows Victims

Wiper Malware Called “Coronavirus” Spreads Among Windows Victims Like NotPetya, it overwrites the master boot record to render computers “trashed.” A new Windows malware has emerged that makes disks unusable by overwriting the master boot record (MBR). It takes its cue from the COVID-19 pandemic, calling itself simply “Coronavirus.” Overwriting the MBR is the same…

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Skype flaw grants access to the photos on your Android phone without a passcode!

A design flaw in Microsoft’s Skype app can be exploited to grant access to the data on your Android phone without passcode authentication, a researcher has shown. Kosovo-based bug-hunter Florian Kunushevci demonstrates in the YouTube video below how Skype can be manipulated into accessing private data, including photos on the phone, without unlocking the handset….

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The 4 types of cybersecurity threats and a formula to fight them

Wells Fargo’s chief information security officer Rich Baich has to be very strategic about the way he spends his budget in order to protect the bank from the endless stream of cyberattacks launched at it every day. At the 2017 Borderless Cyber event in New York City, Baich went through the formula he uses to decide his…

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3-rd Workshop of “The Day When Hacking is Legal”

The International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy will bring tremendous innovation from the field of online security and privacy. On February 2 there is a rare and unique opportunity for Kosovo and the Region. “The Day When Hacking is Legal” workshop brought to Pristina the most renowned researchers of Kosovo and the World in…