What is Hacker Trust?

  • June 12, 2019

Hacker Trust is a formula invented by FindBUG to determine which Hacker is the most trustworthy and valuable based on some parameters that we take into consideration. Some of them are Sign UP CTF / Identity Verification / TDWHL / Bug Accuracy.

When a researcher is registered into our platform he will take 25% out of 100% of the total Hacker Trust. In order a researcher to become “Plisa Hacker” he has to go through a CTF (Capture the Flag) which the researcher will use that “Flag” to register. The CTF is a small puzzle that researchers have to accomplish it.  The researcher will pass through a Verification Process, can decide whether researcher want to be a “Verified Hacker” and be able to join private programs or just to participate only on public programs that are available on the FindBUG Platform. If identity is verified researcher will get up to 25% more percent which takes us into 50% max. During the past years we identified “Plisa Hackers” that were part of TDHWL (The Day When Hacking Is Legal) which is an hackathon organised by FindBUG, where we collected hackers in person to identify security vulnerabilities for gov, media and private companies, attendance gives 25% and adds up to 75%. The rest is taken by Bug Trust which is calculated as the accuracy rate of the researcher reporting only the valid bugs. This can determine how much valuable a researcher is.