FINDBUG.IO- Ethical Hackers oriented Crowd Penetration Testing platform is getting attention!

  • August 9, 2019

The DAY one after the newest Crowd Penetration Testing platform has been launched we received a hundred of applicants and a lot of motivational reviews. We would like to THANK all those you tried a little bit harder to pass the CTF(among TOP 20 security researchers worldwide) as the first step toward application review. We will be back to you soon!

FindBug is positioned to contribute on better cyber security environment, helping customers on protecting their digital properties. By our paper research on 2016 crowd penetration testing gives 300% more security rather than contractual pen testing services.

JUST for 24h workshop, selected security researchers reported 225 security vulnerabilities to 9 government institutions and 14 businesses in returns they got rewarded of $15k.

A marketplace for connecting ethical hackers with businesses is NOW online.

We are witness that almost all industries, are passing through digital transformation. Like it or not this transformation embeds the risk of data exposures and cyber incidents. Our working approach slogan:

Why should I register as ETHICAL HACKER?

FINDBUG’s starting business model is working with small-to-medium business and start-ups. We believe that it’s important for them do not have data breaches on their beginnings. By practice the chances are higher for finding vulnerabilities on startups and scale-ups.

Our professional background with decades on cyber security, working for Law Enforcement Agencies and Bug Bounties helped on shaping the platform on it’s best, We are among you guys.

Our platform is closed bug bounty, only authorized users can surf for companies and programs and enter our deep web. To become PLISA hacker, registered users should verify their account and pass the CTF.

If you want to be visible for recruiters, there is an option for CV and other relevant documents uploads.

Accurate information’s given through tutorial after CTF result on faster application review.

Program Strength with percentage bar express the complexity of the program, it’s impact, business value and the probability of finding vulnerabilities. The lower the percentage the higher changes of exploiting vulns. This feature will help security researchers on deciding if they want to work on the program or not.

No need for brute-force, Web Vulnerability Scanners, just the simple crypto+proxy.

Give it a try ➡️

Over the past years FINDBUG hosted a couple of ‘THE DAY WHEN HACKING IS LEGAL ‘ workshops for meeting in person security researchers, spending some time together and hacking for fun. The next one is on September.

Why should I register as a Business or Government?

Cyber incidents cost to business up to $6 trillion per year, including data breaches, data lost and reputation damage.The best developers in the world still leave unintentionally vulnerabilities open. With crowd methodology you involve a thousand of master minds to work simultaneously on identifying your security issues.

The businesses will not pay for working hours and blank reports. The companies will pay just per validated bug(you will get something in return) and the beauty is with the BUDGET YOU DECIDE FOR💰 you are close to get multi-tired #security on your #digital products.

1️⃣ Before making your #program visible to our researchers worldwide, your #website#mobile app or #network will be scanned by internal security #professionals that found #vulnerabilities for: GOOGLE, Microsoft, E-Bay, PAYPAL, EU Commission, US Department of State, ESET, AVG, AVAST etc.

2️⃣ Launch your product on private programs where you can invite just specific security researchers based on their HACKERS TRUST, SKILLS and RESULT to help you disclose security vulnerabilities. Your program won’t be visible to public.

3️⃣ Then-after you can go PUBLIC for all registered ethical hackers for final review of your security architecture.

⏰Time is money, don’t waste it!